2018 Santa Cruz Island
13.1 Mile Eco-Extreme Trail 
Race (21 K) Was November 3 , 2018
Check back for our 2019 Date
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Who Are We?

6 crazy deputies at the Ventura County Sheriff's Office started this run at Santa Cruz Island in order to get more people involved in the wilderness and especially Channel Islands National Park. They were Cops Running For Charity (CRFC). They raised over $250,000 helping children live healthy in the outdoors.

Since the run inception, all of us at Ojai Search and Rescue have been there on the course volunteering and in the management and activities of the run.

We all continue to share this experience with you, raising money to help our community, all while supporting activities in your National Park.

Check out our Sheriff's rescue website by clicking here.

The 2017 run at the island is 100% non-profit and the Ventura County Sheriff's Upper Ojai SAR will continue this great tradition............

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